WNC Staff

WNC Staff
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Whether your holiday dinner includes ham, turkey, beef, or a walk on the wild side, John Kerr of Metro Wines in Asheville offers wine-pairing tips for your pièce de résistance

"Everything is an art material"

Internationally known for the quality of the mica in its soil, Spruce Pine is also ground zero for one of the most highly regarded craft communities in the nation. Potters and other artisan wizards work in the hills and hollers that surround Mineral City, making Spruce Pine a prime base for hiking, touring, and studio-hopping.

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True. We're biased. But we can't imagine a better place than the mountains to meet your local farmer, become a food entrepreneur, nosh on artisan eats, and savor a pint (or three).

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Save the French Broad Float combines environmental activism and waterborne adventure

Cullowhee reels in the Southeastern Fly Fishing Festival

Each year, millions of visitors pass through this scenic valley in Great Smoky Mountains National Park to marvel at the wildlife that roams free. Get a glimpse of what awaits with this collection of photographs that capture one lensman’s breath-taking encounters.